How to Use Aweber to Automate the Follow Up Process in your Business (This Literally TRIPLED my results)

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Follow up can be a real nightmare. (especially if organization and scheduling isn’t your thing.)

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, if we’re all real honest here the only thing worst than have to manually prospect every soul that breathes (here’s a way out of that) is having to chase people down and try to work around their schedules in hopes of someday maybe closing them into your business opportunity or getting them to test drive the products.

Worse than that (my six figure earners here will agree) is that when you actually get good at it, manually following up with your potential clients has got to be one of the must unproductive things on the face of the planet ranking right up there with watching TV and working for an employer.


It had to be said, but you know it’s true isn’t it?

Let’s do the math here…

If you do things the old-school (belly to belly) way where YOU are choosing to do things manually, the average person needs to see your presentation 3-15 times before they make a buying decision (data here).

Low balling it and going with and average of three touches per prospect amounts to 3 phone calls (we’ll say 10 mins each) + 3 presentations (30 mins each via coffeeshop or 90 mins if home/hotel meeting) for a total of 120 to 300 minutes per newly acquired product user or business builder.

Now 2 to 4 hours per new sign up may not sound all that bad, but what type of commission are you actually earning per sale?

For me, in my first business I earned about $50 upfront ($4 residual) for every $200 “start kit” that was sold.

That means that if my goal was to earn $2,000 next month I’d need to spend 80 to 160 HOURS just in the follow up process which remember here, we’re low-balling it because truth is, I was investing about 40-50 hours a week and only signing up a handful of new clients every month.

What I’m about to show you in this video below is how you can still have a great follow up process (arguable even better than what you’re doing now) where you’ve only got to do the work once and nobody get’s left behind or slips through the cracks.

I’ve discovered a way to automate my follow up process, triple my results and actually escape from the “ball& chain” of being tied to my phone from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep because I am now using a very powerful tool to do all of the heavy lifting for me, check it out:


Not only does this work WAY better for me, it frees up the 80-160+ hours a month that I would normally have to spend manually following up, closing and doing 3 way calls just to struggle to get a decent residual income coming in every month, I am able to rest with peace of mind at night because I know that every single on of my prospects is being taken care of and looked after as they continue to learn more about what I do and how they too can do this.

The “hands-free” laptop lifestyle that this provides is a HUGE selling point for new clients as well (wcich is one of the reasons I believe that my results tripled so quickly when I started using this tool.)

I’ve got a link for you to use, if you decide to start using Aweber to grow your business here.

I also teach my coaching students how to do what I do and create the perfect follow up series for your prospects, you can apply for my 6-Figure Mentorship program here if you’re ready to get better results without “shooting in the dark”.

Leave me a sweet comment, and let me know how this has helped you today!

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