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When I tried to purchase, it said you are sold out.
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Obviously, to assume that I could in any way guarantee your results with these leads is completely ludicrous. Although I do my very best to ensure that these leads are HOT and ready to buy from you, your results will rely solely on the amount of hard work and effort you put in to building rapport with your new prospects and how well you decide to follow up with them. From the moment you complete your purchase, my world-class staff will begin working 24/7 to start generating leads for your business. As such, no refunds will be offered. By completing your purchase above you hereby agree that you have read and understand these terms. As you can see from the testimonials below, almost every single person who has used this service absolutely loves it so for the love of everything good do not buy these phone verified interviewed leads from me unless you intend on actually calling them. Make sense?

About the author: Full-time family man, outta-tha-box entrepreneur and proverbial life of the party, Jacob DeBoer continues to contagiously inject unbridled hope, unshakeable wisdom, and unstoppable wealth into the lives of thousands across the globe...will you be next?

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15 thoughts on “Autopilot Lead Generation

  1. Rish said:


    When are you having more leads available? Too bad I got this email when they were sold out already.

    • jacob said:

      Hi Rish! All of my spots are currently taken, I will let you know as soon as more become available! :)

      • Ma(Rish)a said:

        Thanks Jacob!

  2. Mack said:

    These leads rock! I’ve used them to increase my income ten-fold in the past 3 months. Keep ’em coming Jacob!

    • jacob said:

      Awesome! :)

  3. Trisha L. said:

    Just got my first lead today – I fumbled around on the phone a little because I am still new to this but lo and behold they decided to join!!! Jacob I can’t believe it!!! Thank you!!!

    • jacob said:

      Great job taking action Trisha, and congrats on the new member!

  4. Trisha L. said:

    I’m going to start with the 50 lead package – can’t wait to see the results!

    • jacob said:

      Just received you order, let me know how you’re liking them :)

  5. Troy Haskins said:

    I bought twenty leads, signed up 2. Bought fifty leads, signed up 7. Bought a hundred leads and signed up another 16. Jacob, your interviewed leads have allowed me to create more momentum in my business in just the past two months that I have in the past 2 years!

    • jacob said:

      Wow. Proof that consistency is key. Keep rockin’ it Troy!

      • Troy Haskins said:

        Just ordered another package today!

  6. M Carslile said:

    I can’t get enough of these leads! I was part of the test group and all I can say is wow! I’ve already got my team using these leads because in all honesty – where else are you going to find a service like this? NOWHERE. I was sick of paying $4 for dead-beat cold leads that would never call me back however these leads are just the opposite! I plan to use Jacob’s service for years to come, AND I’ve already hit a new rank in the business!

  7. Carl Polatski said:

    These leads are surprisingly good for the price! I ordered 200 leads and have had 23 of them join the business so far which for me, is really something. Looking back I think I could have had more sign ups if I wouldn’t have waited so long to call them back – oops. :) Still have more to call and will definitely order again, thanks Jacob!

    • jacob said:

      Good job Carl!

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