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I can remember after struggling for years to build my business I began to look for the “secret” formula that would be a cure-all for my business building woes and allow me to build the business effortlessly without having to grind it out and be a slave to my phone for hours upon hours every single day of the week just like it was yesterday.

Below I wanted to share with you some of my discoveries and share with you how you too can become wildly successful in this business if you maybe start to do things a better way than you have been and apply your new learnings today.

Check it out:


As you can see when you focus on the video above there is a three part process to making things easier on yourself, your future self and your team and (if you’ll permit me) I’d love to break down exactly what this means and what it can mean for you as time passes by and you begin to actually implement this into your own personal business so that you can meet me on the beaches of the world and truly enjoy your lifestyle that you create.

First, let’s break down the 3 steps which are Lead Generation, Follow Up and Getting Started Training.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is just that. Learning to generate your own leads.

When you begin to generate your OWN leads the game can really change for you and (if you’re like me) almost by accident in a hurry you can have more business than you know how to handle fast (which is a good thing). Rather than trying to prospect everything that breathes and hocking your products on people that don’t really qualify to work with you or even want to buy your products like , you can avoid turning into this guy:

…and learn to have prospects chase you down instead, credit-card in hand and ready to buy whatever it is you want to sell them. I daily have people asking me to join, sometimes they even get impatient and join before I even have a chance to message them back!

Although it may seem like you need to walk on water and shoot lasers out of your eyes before you too can start experiencing this, the truth of the matter is: you can start living this today as soon as you decide to.

You already know what you need to do next, so just do it already!

Pretty simple, isn’t it?

Although I’ve tried a BOATLOAD of ways to generate my own leads, these days, I really only stick to a select few and I base that on a couple key things:

– How much of the process can be automated
– The quality of prospects
– The conversions (long + short term)

If you’re looking for a lead generation shortcut, here is a good place to start.

Next thing we need to talk about is the big “F” in your business… follow up.

Follow Up

Now, I dunno what you’re currently doing for follow up in your business but let me paint you a picture of the nightmare I use to have to live before I found out about what I’m about to share with you next here.

I used to be a control-freak.

Not in a psychotic kind of way (of course), but in the sense that for some reason I believed I had to do everything in my business myself. For some CRAZY reason it made sense to me that I was supposed to be on the phone countless hours every single day trying to prospect, struggling to close new sales, walking people through the plan via 3-way calls and attempting to take them through a monotonous getting started training every single day of the week.

At first, this seemed like a good idea to me (it does for most) until I had a team of about 5 people and I was quickly maxed out both emotionally AND mentally.

I was exhausted.

“How the HECK could anyone keep this up?” I would think to myself as I lay awake at night staring up at my ceiling wishing there was a better way to do things. It wasn’t until I started to leverage the power of automation that I was able to finally break free because I could now regain some of the time freedom that I was looking for when I first got started.

The crazy thing?

My results actually increased the more I stepped away from my business and let automation take over. Here’s basically how to let tools prospect, follow up and close your potential clients for you so that when you do actually decide to pick up the phone there is already a relationship that has been formed because they are starting to know, like and trust you.

Getting Started Training

Step 3 is to have a killer getting started training, the more you can automate the better.

You’re looking for two HUGE things here:

– Small learning curve: a blueprint that even newbies can follow
– Fast results: the sooner you can help your new peeps get their first sale, the longer they’ll stick around.

It used to take me a good two to three weeks to train a new member before they were even remotely close to getting the gumption to going out and making things happen in their biz, and what I started to notice is that the longer someone sat in “training mode” the more attached-at-the-hip they became to me. I would get phone calls for every little thing day in and day out when what should have really been happening (and was in their best interest) was that they should have been equipped with the skills they needed straight outta-the-gate to go out and start acquiring new clients.

Fast-forward to today: I can have someone up, started and into profit sometimes within their first 24-48 hours.

(My record is 56 minutes!)

The best way I’ve found to expedite the getting started training is to make it as digital as possible.


Couple digital & audio tools with “hands on” learning (i.e. on-the-job learning) and you’ll begin to notice that not only are your new members feeling better equipped straight out of the gate, they are actually taking action every day and starting to experience results on their own!

This is something I can teach you more in depth if that’s something you desire and if you decide to apply for personal coaching here I can even show you a sneak peek into the exact step-by-step getting started training process that ALL of my new members go through that has allowed us (as a team) to create some pretty amazing results in record time!

At the beginning of this post I told you that I would share with you how to become WILDLY successful in the business and, by following these three steps you too can begin to start crushin’ it every day in your biz too!

It can all start for you today as well, but you’ve gotta be willing to take action and try something new if you ever want to start to experience different results in your business.

Leave me a sweet comment, and let me know how this has helped you today!

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