Case Study: How I Ranked #1 Within 48 Hours And Have STAYED There Since

Check out how I ranked #1 within 48 hours and have stayed there since:

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About the author: Full-time family man, outta-tha-box entrepreneur and proverbial life of the party, Jacob DeBoer continues to contagiously inject unbridled hope, unshakeable wisdom, and unstoppable wealth into the lives of thousands across the globe...will you be next?

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32 thoughts on “Case Study: How I Ranked #1 Within 48 Hours And Have STAYED There Since

  1. Well done Jacob, Love how you have many value adding videos. Keep them up.

    • jacob said:

      Thanks Desmond – keep up the great work yourself! You were born to lead others to freedom my friend :)

  2. Great value, Jacob! Thanks for sharing. God bless

  3. Amazing Value! Thanks for sharing!!

    • jacob said:

      You bet! Thank you for being AWESOME! Lemme know, what are you looking to do here online and how can I help you achieve it? Talk soon!

    • jacob said:

      Thanks brother! :) What have you been up to lately my friend?

  4. Hey Jacob, thank you for your comment on my blog ! I appreciate that. We both share a passion to help others achieve success. Let’s connect !

    • jacob said:

      ABSOLUTELY! Shoot me a message anytime :)

  5. Hey bro I love your blog – I know I will learn a lot from you – thanks :)

    • jacob said:

      Daniel! Thanks my friend, how (specifically) can I help you? I mean, what are you looking to do here online?

  6. This is Fantastic!! Great Job and Thank you for teaching us this!!

    • jacob said:

      Hey Tara!!! No probs girl :) What else can I help you learn?

  7. Great post – I’m trying to learn how to get more traffic

    • jacob said:

      Hi Sandra! What have you tried so far? I noticed that you registered for your personal breakthrough series, let me know how I can help you :)

  8. Wow your blog is awesome! I love the set up…

    Powerful info as well— I really to up my game so I can get to the top of the list— NEWBIE!

    • jacob said:

      haha! You’re the best. Thank you for the great feedback my friend. Question: if there was one thing I could teach you in the next few days or help you overcome Clarissa, what would that be? Looking forward to hearing back from you :)

  9. Jacob, I also love your enthusiasm and energy it’s irresistible. The #1 thing I immediately noticed is the way – the gift I should say – you ignite curiosity in readers/watchers – it’s powerful, my friend. I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog. Look forward to other inciting stuff from you. Have a magnificent day my dear friend!!!

    • jacob said:

      WOW you’re the man Dragos! I really mean that. You put a smile from ear to ear across my face! :) The best way to stay up to date would (of course) be to hop on board my updates list which you can do at anytime here if you want to: Jacob’s best kept secret. Have a marvelous day dude, and keep rockin’ it!

      • Thanks a lot for your feedback, Jacob. To answer to the email you sent me, no, I didn’t get this reply. Thanks for doing a great job, my friend. Keep making a difference in the world!

  10. Loved reading and listening to this. Keep up the good work!

    • jacob said:

      BILLY! Hey there my friend, thanks! Keep an eye out for the next one I will be releasing in the next couple of days here… I think you’re gonna love it!

    • jacob said:

      DUDE. you rock, thank you for the great comment my friend! Lemme know, was there something specific you were looking to get out of reading my posts Juan? Looking forward to connecting further brother :)

  11. Awesome post. Well done for getting your videos on page one of Youtube.. thanks for sharing.

    • jacob said:

      Thanks Keith, lemme know if there’s ever anything I can help you with. :) Talk soon!

    • jacob said:

      You got it my friend :) Thank you for commenting :)

  12. Hey! i love your post here , i will like you to give me more information of how you are getting more leads and traffic every day .

    • jacob said:

      Hiya! Thank you so much for the awesome words – and thanks a million for stopping by and reaching out my friend! I’d love to hook you up, in order to point you in the right direction could you tell me a little more about what specifically you’re looking to do? Glad to help you in any way I can! :o) -J

  13. Thanks for sharing this post Jacob. I didn’t think the age of the videos mattered on Youtube. Good to know the truth. Thank you.

    • jacob said:

      CHUCK!! Glad you made it over here my friend – what’s new and exciting in your world? What breed is your pup? Hey let me know: was there something specifically you’ve been looking to do here online, and let me know how I can best help you get there… looking forward to your reply, keep rockin’ things – Jacob

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