How to Get Your Team to Produce With or Without You :)

If you LOVE too, you can discover how to achieve Top Producer faster, safer and simpler than ever before here.

Here’s how to get your team to produce with or without you, check it out:


Now that you know the secret, it’s time to get busy. One of the best ways to keep in touch with your team and broadcast your results so that you can share your daily victories is by using this (hint: it’s my secret weapon).

To feed your funnel and fuel your success, it may be a good idea to first learn how to become a lead MACHINE here.

Like I shared in the video above, this works REALLY well, and was the only thing that finally got my team to get busy and start producing and allowed me to free up even more time in my business because I wasn’t having to host daily “pep talks” and motivational coaching calls that never seemed to work that well anyways, enabling me to focus my attention on what actually pays us in the industry: daily sales and acquiring new clients.

Start using this today, and leave me a comment below sharing with the community how much this video has helped reshape your thinking and what you plan to do with your newly learned knowledge!

-Jacob DeBoer
“Liberator of the Underdog in All of Us”

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