The Front End Offer (Your Shortcut to Victory Lane Online)

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Having a front end offer to promote to your list or network is absolutely genius and can make you an absolute fortune once you truly understand the concept of it.

What for?

Picture this:

You’re in a company that digital products online, no wait, you’re in one of the best home business companies on the face of the planet. You’d absolutely love to start making daily sales online but you’ve got a dilemma. It seems like the more ways you try to build your wealth, the more your conversions suffer. All the sudden everybody that subscribes to your list seems to know about your product or service, or they’ve already been in “something like that” before. It’s as if every single night while you’re snuggled into your cozy bed and enjoying a wonderful nights rest (well, hopefully most of you sleep) those pesky, manacle martians seem to be taking your sphere of influence, abducting them, blatantly brainwashing them and then peacefully placing them back into their beds only to bombard facebook with their new “shiny objects” or their Uncle Ned’s “nobody makes money with those things” experience he had that one solemn summer in ’85.

And here you sit… sippin’ on your jo… befuddled.

Confused why you’re still unable to get daliy sales consistently, without having to sell your left kidney to the thought-snatchin’ brainwashin’ martians who seem to be either recruiting or scaring off 90% of your target audience.

What if there were some way to slap-chop those mischievous man-eatin’ martians and thwart their commission laundering assault without having to frantically search for a hot-momma new way to build your biz fast?

Ahem. *cough. Introducing the never-gets-old, mc-wonderful frontend offer!

(loud, cheesy announcer voice)

Most of you understand that a great (this is key) front end offer is simply an offer that is usually some form of low cost, high value product or service that gets your foot in the door as a professional and says “Hey, you’re important to me. Here’s a taste of what I have to offer you.” They don’t always have to be low ticket (i.e. less than a trip to that sushi place on main), but they do need to provide VALUE.

This can be in the form of learning a new skill, sampling a physical or digital product, or maybe even a free 20 minute coaching call. (Only if you want to be on the phone with tire-kickers all day)


If you’re smart, you’ll link that front end offer to your subscriber list so that you can continue to follow up process automatically instead of hopelessly trying to chase people down because you didn’t think far enough ahead to actually require them to opt in.

What rocks about HVLCFEO’s (try to figure that one out) is that you and Billy-Bob down the street might be in the same company, but if you find a $49 product that teaches our beloved Billy a thing or two about a thing or two and you get paid a 50% commission in the process, think it’s worth it?

Imagine if you you shared this HVLCFEO with your entire network of once “un-approachable” colleagues that didn’t want to join your business or buy your product because they were too busy slaving away at their own opportunity and started to bring a handful of new sales every single week.

This is what we call a win-win situation.

Besides positioning yourself as a leader, boisterous Billy (and anyone else who decides to buy the HVLCFEO) is now “magnetically” subconsciously attracted to you and will likely come to you for advice when future challenges arise. (And trust me, they will.) Plus, not only will HE and they view you as more valuable, but when they share this information with THEIR team and THEIR clients, it all come full circle…

…back to you. :)

This opens up the door for paid coaching sessions in the future, and even secret masterminds that you can create to bring an even greater value to your now vibrant circle of influence. A couple maxed-out strategy sessions with your colleagues every month at $50 a seat, via a conference call or google hangout could easily add an extra $2500 to your bottom line with minimal extra effort on your part.

Bottom line is this. Find a HVLCFEO and use THAT as a first date for your potential business partners and clients before you pitch them on joining your company.

It’s far simpler for them to make a $25 decision to wet their appetite first, create that mentor and mentee relationship… and then when they’re ready for more, you can offer your product with the $500 buy-in, however, this time it won’t scare them away with their tails between their legs because they already know, like and trust you.

Please tell me in the comments below, what you found most eye-opening in this post and as always, thank you for reading. I appreciate you,

– Jacob

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