Bodacious Blogging Banter and How to AVOID “The Lifeless list”

Welcome to day number one of your personal breakthrough! Grab your favorite beverage, silence your phone, grab a pen and paper and lean in close as you begin to realize how awesome it’s going to feel when you start to get a taste for what you’re about to accomplish as you listen to every word I’m about to share with you when you choose to watch this video all the way to the end:


Today really is about a fresh start. A do-over if you will that is going to free up the creative power of your mind and propel you into a future of your wildest dreams as soon as you decide to take action immediately and implement what you just learned. Let’s dive in…

Action Steps – Day 1:

1. Setup Your Blog

If you already have a blog, great – keep it. However, if you do not yet have a blog that’s responsive (looks pretty on a smart phone), easy to use and lightning fast, click here and use this.

Your blog will be hosted on the Kalatu platform, which (as you can see from the video below) offers unmatched world-class support, it’s fully customizable PLUS the templates are killer and it ranks on google faster than anything I’ve ever seen. See for yourself…


After you get your new blog set up here, and you want VIP access to my TubeDynasty™ HOT Traffic course that I eluded to towards the end of the video above, simply shoot me an email after you do.


2. Setup Your Aweber Account

You can use this link to get a $1 trial for your first 30 days.

After you set up your aweber account you’ll want to create a new list. If you’re not sure how to do this or you’re a complete newbie to this, there is an awesome tutorial here.

Important:  After you create your list, click on “List Settings” under the “List Options” tab.

Next click the “Confirmed Opt In” tab at the top of the page to change your confirmation settings.

Finally, click the “OFF” button to disable confirmation, and click the “YES” button in the popup that appears.


You Aweber list is live, activated and ready to start accepting subscribers. Now on to action step number three.


3. Add a “Heck Yeah, I’ll Opt In” Offer to your Blog.


For action step number three, all we really need is two things:

– First, we’ll find an image that people in your niche are going to want to click on. you can create your own or simply download this one (that already works).

– Second, you’ll want to link the image to your offer.

Your referral link is:

To find your seven digit list number, log in to Aweber and locate your unique list id. (tutorial here). Your list number will be the seven digits after “awlist”.

For example, if my list id was awlist1352411, my referral link would be:

Also, if you are an EN affiliate, you can add your username on the end of the url string like so: Again, if my username was bobjones, my link would look like this:

Now, every time someone opts in via YOUR link they will be added to YOUR list, plus you’re going to get credit for any sales that come from the funnel. And, if you’re using Kalatu for your blogging platform, here’s how to set your offer up:


Awesome work. Time for action step number 4…

4. Create a HQ blog post every single day for the next 30 days.

Blogging is the foundation of your success online. Not only will you become a better communicator, but as you decide to remain consistent over the next 30 days and apply what I’m about to teach you every single day, this one skill alone can add a whopping amount of seemingly endless energy, sizzling self confidence, contagious charisma and gobs of cash to your life every single day should you truly choose to pay attention and make this happen.

Your assignment today is simple: set a timer for 45 minutes and create a blog post.

When the timer stops, you stop.

Got it?

You’ve got to learn to get better at not over analyzing everything and instead speaking (or typing in this case) from the heart. There’s a strange hypnotic power in exercising your subconscious mind in ways like this that I’ll actually cover in depth when we get to day four, but for now you’re just gonna have to trust me. :)

In fact, in day three I’m going to share with you some MAJOR efficiency hacks that will allow you to pump out killer content like this in half the time it will take you to today, so get excited – this stuff is going to rock your world my friend!

Here are some “blog post topic” ideas for you to write about today:

– What I learned from day one of my personal breakthrough series
– Why front-end offers can make or break your business
– The three pitfalls to avoid when searching for a mentor online

Pick one, log in to your blog, and start typing my friend.

After you complete action steps 1-4 today, feel free to share a link to your new blog post in the comments below (free traffic for you), and also let me know what you have enjoyed most about your experience thus far.

To recap, here are your action steps for today:

1. Setup Your Blog (I recommend this one)
2. Setup Your Aweber Account (start for $1 here)
3. Add a “Heck Yeah, I’ll Opt In” Offer to your Blog. (like this one)
4. Create a HQ blog post every single day for the next 30 days.

Tomorrow we’re gonna dive into my four favorite “untapped” traffic sources that are lying right under your nose, yet almost on one knows hoe to leverage them the right way to create endless backlinks, unlimited visitors and instant authority in your niche.

Watch your inbox like mad, and I’ll send you a message around this time tomorrow.

Thank you for being a part of my life – I appreciate YOU.

– Jacob DeBoer
“Liberator of the Underdog in All of Us”

About the author: Full-time family man, outta-tha-box entrepreneur and proverbial life of the party, Jacob DeBoer continues to contagiously inject unbridled hope, unshakeable wisdom, and unstoppable wealth into the lives of thousands across the globe...will you be next?

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