How To Find Your Target Audience

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Ok, let’s be honest with each other for a moment.

The typical cycle of anybody trying to make a full time income online usually (for most people) goes something like this…

One day you realize that working a typical 9-5 or even owning your own company until you hit retirement is stupid and the primary reason most people never actually retire but end up living off the support of friends and family or worse: become the walmart greeter and never really escape the horrid, repulsively draining rat race because they were too scared to actually take action on their dreams, deciding to do whatever it takes or die trying to go on to live their dream lifestyle that they’ve always wanted to, so you punch in some sort of google search and before you know it you’re on a landing page listening to some unshowered, but totally wealthy internet millionaire and you gobble up every product you can because for a moment,

…you believe that this is (in fact) the shortcut you’ve been looking for.

But, for some moronic reason you didn’t decide to buy it on the spot.

Three months go by.

You’re now $500 poorer and have made about $13.82 in affiliate commissions trying to do everything on your own. Not only are you at a loss of how exactly you made money, but you feel like you’ve taken 3 steps forward and 8 steps back. You’re frantically searching for a plan, a product, a system, a traffic source or some kind of marketing strategy that can pull you out of this rut before your significant other realizes what you’ve done with your rent money, when you stumble onto yet another “goose that lays golden egg”, only this time it’s $197 and you’re just certain (although everything else you’ve tried hasn’t) this time…

…it’s gonna work for you.

And then it hits you.

My God.

What have I been doing with my life these past months?

Then you start having conversations with yourself while trying to rubĀ  the bloodshot out of your already sleepy eyes.

“I have no freaking clue what I’m doing, do I?”

“I mean, I thought I did… but after months of struggling and countless hours trying to figure this stuff out on my own, I’m really not any better off than I was before, am I?”

This simple answer: get real Ally Mcbeal…

…you want someone to show you the ropes.

Well, the intelligent ones with half a brain usually do.

You now hop back onto google type in exactly what you’re looking for and… whammo! You find yourself staring at a page similar to this one, feeling a thousand times better about yourself and beginning to reach for your credit card. As you pull out your credit card and begin to watch your fingers type in your numbers you start noticing that your entire mood slowly become brighter and positive once again, and your breathing has even begun to change right before your eyes. It’s as if you heard a subtle voice in your ear remark “This is the one, pal” as you give yourself a pat on the back, complete your transaction and never look back because you know that, (for once in your life) you’re getting the hands-on coaching that you deserve from someone who’s actually been in your shoes and honestly cares more about your success than you do.

And this my friend, is how you find your target audience.

Y’see it’s not about knowing demographics, birthdays or even previous buying habits.

If you really want to make it big you’ve got to become an expert at predicting your potential client’s emotional state just before they decide to pull out that credit card and buy, baby.

What’s been going in their family life?

Mentally, what’s been keeping them awake at night?

What makes them squirm and squeal more than anything that they’re prepared to do whatever it takes to avoid at all costs?

When you begin to learn to place yourself on the other side of the computer and become the proverbial “fly on their wall” you begin to see things from their point of view and can (through the use of stellar copywriting and a genuine interest in helping them succeed) begin to increase your leadflow, double your closing ratios and explode your income almost instantly, like magic.

Once you know what your potential buyer is going through and what kind of solutions they are searching for, you can begin to zero in on those types of keywords through the use of SEO, social media or paid advertising and start making an absolute fortune online.

Your homework today is this:

“If I was looking for (insert your product or service here), who would I be (emotionally, socially and financially)?”

Remember to leave your thoughts in the comments below, love ya,


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  1. Thank you, Jacob!
    I enjoyed your post and am in agreement with the premise of determining the emotions of your target audience.
    Make it a great day today and every day!
    Dr. Linda Nietert

    • jacob said:

      Thank you for the awesome feedback Linda! :) You as well :)

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