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When I first got started online I was looking for a way to grow my business without having to chase friends and family or spend countless hours on the phone prospecting and doing three way calls with cold leads.

I needed something that was going to work FAST, but also was sustainable and would continue to help my grow my organization long-term as well. I can remember googling all kinds of terms scrambling frantically and trying almost anything because I was dead serious about winning back my time freedom while building a thriving business for years to come.

I was sick of preaching the dream, but living a nightmare.

In my search for truth and journey of finding out what actually works, I had begin to develop some pretty strong ties to this random guy I met on the internet that seemed to magnetically draw me in and show me what he was doing to build his business. Like a moth to the flames I was “hypnotized” and what I soon discovered altered the course of my life forever and you can find out what I learned when you watch this video below….


After you’ve watched the video entirely, you can follow this simple three step success blueprint below to start doing things a new way so that you can begin to experience new results:

Step 1: Decide to make a Video every day for the next 90 days

Keep everything. Seriously, if you delete ANY of your videos this will not work. There is some pretty advanced psychology behind all of this and why it works so well and I can explain all of this for you in a future blogpost if you’d truly like my too (you can request this in the comments) however, for now this is all you need to know and focus on: one video a day for the next 90 days.

Step 2: Upload your videos to Youtube

If you’d like to learn what I do when uploading my videos to youtube that yields me at least 300% more instant exposure than “the other guys”, you can digest and copy my entire process in this post I recently wrote for you. It’s pretty simple and highly effective but you’d got to know what you’re doing if you want to get really GOOD results with this.

Step 3: Follow these guidelines when making your videos

Here’s how to create really great videos: first always start with your intention and say it out loud (very important). State exactly what you intend to accomplish with your video, for example….

“My intention is to create a video that shows my new prospects exactly how the comp plan works. It will be so easy to understand that 80% of the people who watch this video all the way until the end will decide to get started and this is going to be the best video I’ve created yet.”

Again, too much to get into why this works in this post but you’re going to be amazed at how well it does even if you haven’t realized it yet! Next, here is a rough format to follow that will help you create killer videos:

1. Tell viewers what they will get: “if you watch this video and pay attention you will see how simple it is to get paid etc.”

2. Tell a before and after story: “before I knew ABC my results were XYZ, after I applied 123 my results were 456 etc.”

3. Teach them what you told them you would: “here’s how it works etc.”

4. Give proof (if you have some): “Johnny learned this and went on to earn 456 in just 3 weeks etc.”

5. End with a CTA (call to action): “pick up the phone and call me so that we can get you started on the right track quickly etc.”

If you watch any of my videos you’ll see that I always follow this type of format (sometimes in a different order) and it really help to build trust with those you are looking to help succeed.

I put together a REALLY informative video where you can watch in real-time how I set up my videos with a white board to get even greater results, however that is only available to members of my youtube mastery course.

If you’re wanting more help with creating effective videos, this is something we can go over in your first month of personal coaching. If you’d like, I can even review your videos and give you feedback if that’s something you want to be a part of.

Whether you decide to apply for personal coaching today or in the future, begin to implement these strategies today and leave me some love in the comments below!

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