The Best Keyword Research Strategy That Simply Works!

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Ok, let’s talk keyword research.

My intention with this in-depth blogpost is to simply cut to the chase and give you the EXACT strategy I use in terms of finding, researching and ultimately choosing a profitable keyword (which is KEY in terms of words) for your next client, post article or video however I feel it necessary to WARN YOU in advance that this is probably the simplest thing you’re ever going to choose to implement and as time passes by you’re going to begin to realize that this really works wonders if of course you decide to pay attention and actually do what I teach you to in this post.

Let’s start with the basics.

Instead of getting hung up on exactly how to dominate big “G”, realize that there are TONS of other search engines with hundreds of thousands of daily users on them as well so to habitually mow down your fingernails in a panic of distress and heartache because your content is ranked #4 instead of number one when you google it is actually quite naive when you really begin to think about how silly it is to throw a “digital temper tantrum” and obsess about the coveted first spot with big G and their cohorts.

That being said, I always shoot for number one on google because I (like you) am smart enough to understand the fundamental principal that if you’re doing well on google chances are you’re going to be also doing well on the other engines also.


Video vs. Article

Let’s say you own a business that sells a product or service that helps your clients get better results than they’ve currently been getting on their own. First thing you’ve gotta figure out is what google is placing at the top of their search results – articles or video?

Check it out, if I’ve got a skateboard shop and I’m trying to rank a video on google to drive traffic to my shop simply attempting to rank for the term “skateboard” just isn’t going to cut it is it?

As you can see here that when you try to rank for generic ambiguous terms that have nothing to do with video nowhere on page one does a video even show up, does it?

However, take a look at what happens when we get more specific (honing in on a longtail phrase that may elicit a video-type response) and type in “how to do an ollie” here.

WHAMMO… video takes the top spot(s).

Crazy huh?

Remember, Google’s ONLY job is to be the proverbial matchmaker here so if the answer that a user is looking for can be shown in article form, nine times out of ten that’s what google will present to them.

If you’re looking to rank videos on the first page of google, sticking to longtail “action” words, reviews, walk-throughs, tutorials or how to videos will allow you to get faster, quicker results.

The same common sense thinking can be applied to ranking an article. If you’re writing an article on how to make a cheese omelete, you’re better off ranking a video because it’s going to show up number one when you key it in.


Keyword Research

I really don’t spend a lot of time here to be honest. In the past I’ve purchased gobs of different keyword research tools and quite truthfully, you really don’t need all of that nonsense to start getting great results fast.

Generally, I’ll punch in an idea using google’s keyword planner just to make sure it’s getting consistent monthly traffic like so:

Then, to figure out which longtail keywords get searched the most I’ll simply start typing that phrase and google does all of the hard work for me:

After I decide which keyword to go with, I simply apply my SUPER EASY video ranking strategy and it’s off to the races.

Funny thing is, I use this granny-proof technique anytime I want to and STILL get far better results than 90% of the self proclaimed “gurus” out there in terms of conversions AND overall profit.

Just makes more sense to keep it simple and stick to what works doesn’t it?


Heck, that’s why intelligent people stick to keeping it simple.

Start using this today and stop trying to over complicate keyword research like all of the me-too-ers out there and just get busy doing what you and I both already know works so that you too can begin to experience massive breakthroughs in online!

I appreciate you and as always, leave me your thoughts in the comments below and get ranking already!!!

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