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From the desk of Jacob DeBoer:
Dear overworked, under compensated, ready for blow-your-mind income and willing to do whatever it takes to finally make this freaking thing happen come hell or high water marketer,
Isn’t it about time you started getting paid what you’re worth?
By now (if you’re even remotely successful online) I’d be willing to bet you’ve not only heard of me, but chances are I may have even helped you to get to where you are today, or maybe, this is the first time we’ve encountered each other.
And you may or may not have been inspired by the gut-wrenching story of how I overcame setback after set back only to be tore down yet again until one day I finally discovered the “golden chalice”, drank from it (mustering everything I could), harnessed the new found unquenchable inner passion and rose up from the ashes, victorious.
Understand that (just like you) I came from very humble beginnings to now traveling the world with my family and helping others “unplug from the matrix” and the truth is, I’m not here to win your affection nor am I concerned whether you decide to take action and get in while you still can or if you don’t choose to do it right now.
In fact, I’ll cut straight to the chase:
If you’re not making six figures a month yet, you’ll buy this e-course that I’m about to share with you unless you hate your family and despise your time freedom and would rather die broke, busted and alone.
I mean, (let’s be honest with each other here) do you really believe that continuing to slave away behind your laptop countless hours a day after day grinding it out behind that bloody machine hour upon hour until you can no longer see straight from the extensive straining to review your crappy open rates and send broadcast after broadcast to your lifeless lists only to rake in weanie little checks at the end of the month is the simplest, easiest and most effective way to get to sustainable six figure wealth?
Wouldn’t an intelligent person with half a brain have to realize that you could be spending that time creating unforgettable memories with those that you truly care about, exploring the wonders of the world immersing yourself in the local culture and cuisine, enjoying some long awaited peace and quiet maybe learning to sail on the boat you’ve always wanted or even partying it up in style like the party animal that you truly are?
(I know you know who you are.)
Honestly, are you legitimately willing to put your dreams on hold and continue the shenanigans until God knows when…
…or are you ready to sit down, shut up, and admit that you are in fact missing a key element to your success and decide to get coachable for once in your life?
Look, I’m not gonna sugarcoat this just so that you can start feeling the warm and fuzzies as we skip along the golden path of good intentions showering the woodland creatures with hand picked daisies and pinching each other’s butts.
Nah, Imma give it to you straight.
And if you can’t handle it, or aren’t intelligent enough to put on your big boy or big girl pants and invest in your future I’m here to (with a clear conscious) inform you quite frankly to…
…buzz off and go back to flippin’ burgers if you can’t take action.
For those of you that are ready (really ready) to kick some major tail, shove mediocrity’s nose into it’s own mediocre pile of steaming poo, and learn the exact secret to getting $4,997, $9,994 and even $24,997 commissions deposited directly into your merchant account, lean in close, pull out your credit card and get ready to buy this world class e-course because here is just a glimpse of what I’m about to show you as I expose everything, revealing the naked truth about what it actually takes to make it happen in your life too.
(Hint: it’s a lot simpler than you think.)
In this e-course (appropriately titled: “The Six Figure Solution”), you’re about to acquire the proverbial keys to the kingdom, all you’ve gotta do is be smart enough to take them from me.
I’m about to (after you decide to buy this today):
Show you how to create a $4,997 offer in as little as 24 hours from now and turn it into a Six Figure Income machine that spits out profits for years to come. (Value: $49,970)

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Teach you how to effortlessly create a hyper-responsive “hot buyers” list from scratch (or not) and get them to pay you to work with them and solve their current challenges. (Value: $6,997)

Show you how to employ the same three step formula that our beloved government uses to increase YOUR daily sales and explode your retention rates FAST. (Value: $2,997)

PLUS, sooo much more when you decide to dive in head first and consume this information as quickly as you can
I’m gonna be completely transparent with you on this one: I never ever EVER wanted to share this information with ANYONE.
If I were to be 100% honest here with you, you could literally purchase this e-course, digest the information, and go on to make your first six figures in less than 90 days from now. That’s why I thought about letting you to get it today for $7,994, thus enabling you to then 20x your income.
However, I can still remember exactly how it felt to be in your shoes, and I know that (for you right now) although the information contained within this e-course is worth at least fifty times that, $7,994 may be a little out of reach for you.
I know that if (provided you’re super coachable and actually follow through) you could simply get your hands on the information right here, right now and get to work. You would begin to start seeing results quickly because I can understand where you’re coming from, what you’ve just recently had to persevere through and the fact that you’re here reading this now tells me that you are more hungry to sink your teeth into this information more than 85% of the “other guys” who wait for life to happen to them instead of taking action like you’re about to when you click the add to cart button towards the bottom of this page.
So after much hesitation and persistent pestering from a colleague of mine who simply could seem to leave me alone about this, I decided to drop it to $4,997. One time.
This way, you can get started today, implement what you’re about to learn and start seeing dramatic results fast. For anyone with half a brain that actually is in fact serious about their six figure monthly income and beyond, this is a complete no-brainer and that’s also why for the first 200 of you that are truly ready for a BIG shift in your monthly income and decide to step up, bring your a-game and get started now I’m going to give you a 96% discount and “gift” it to you for just $197.
That’s right.
Plus, there’s a very important reason that you absolutely want to be one of the first 200 to buy this e-course today at only $197 which (although I can’t tell you quite yet unless you’ve already bought it), rest assured that when you discover why this is so important (hint: it’s in chapter 4 of this e-course) you’re gonna need a new set of pants.
It’s that good.
And you know I don’t mess around.
After you pull out your credit card, click the add to cart button below and begin to type in your information on the next page, and complete your purchase via paypal, you’re about to get your hands on one of the best keep secrets of our time.

My Iron-Clad 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
I’m so confident that this is going to absolutely blow your mind and change your life forever, that when you decide to buy this e-course today by clicking the button below and you actually apply what I teach you and don’t go on to make at least $500, simply send me an email showing me that you did in fact follow through on what you learned and I’ll gladly refund your money.
Either way you win.

This plain works. Plus it’s backed by my 30-day money back guarantee, so you have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain by choosing to buy Six Figure Solution today before the prices increases to $4,997 again.
What are you waiting for?
Take back control of your future and get started now.
I’ll see you on the inside!
Here’s to YOUR Success,
Jacob DeBoer
“Liberator of the Underdog in All of Us”

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