The BEST Youtube Strategy I’ve Ever Discovered

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Does your current leadflow got you down in the dumps?

Fret not my friend!

… ’cause here is the BEST youtube strategy I have ever discovered and I wanted to share it with you today because I really believe that the more you start using youtube to do the “heavy-lifting” for your lead generation, the more time you can win back and devote to income producing activities.

Below is my exact strategy after proper keyword research for ranking my youtube videos fast on google (which is what counts) and it’s yours as a “thank you” for reaching out to me for help and actually taking massive action today unlike so many others who, bless their hearts, think they’re being productive be always “learning” and never doing.

Remember that if, at anytime you have questions please leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

(I’m a busy guy ya know) :)

Let’s dive in.

#1 – I follow a SPECIFIC formula…

…when filming my video. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of and if for some reason you haven’t learned it yet, you can do that here. (but only if you’re going to actually do it!)

#2 – I customize my RAW video file data

…BEFORE I ever upload it to youtube.

It’s takes an extra minute but really helps google’s bots to see that my content is legit and I actually care about what I’m uploading.

On a PC you can do this by right clicking on the video file and clicking on properties>details.

best youtube ranking strategy fast


I always rate my videos a five (obviously lol), put the keyword in the title area and subtitle or link to my blog as the subtitle.

I also put the meta tags I’m going to use in the tags area, and the description I am going to use for my video on youtube in the comments area.


#3 – I’ve got a pattern that I follow

Now that my video is jazzed up and classy, I upload my it to youtube and follow these guidelines:

– Only target one keyword per video

– Put the keyword in the first 25 characters of the title and 3-4 times (1-2% keyword density) in the description

– Minimum of 100 – 350 words in the description

– Five to ten longtail meta tags

– Link of the actual youtube video at the bottom of the description


#4 – Social backlinks

Next, I’m gonna share it to my social networks using the keyword as the text, and link back to the video or my blogpost.

how to rank on google fast


#5 One hefty backlink will do :)

…(and this is key) I use my authority blog to pump a hefty backlink to the video and whammo – it’s off to the races!

youtube seo strategy backlink

You’re going to hear a lot of nonsense out there about getting a BAJILLION views and heaps of backlinks, but I’ve noticed that, at least in this day and age, google doesn’t really care that much about it anymore.

Their big thing is relevance and authority.

It’s one of the reason’s I stick with the blog I have and don’t jump around.

If you want more info and the juicy details of WHY a blogging platform like the one I chose to use is much more powerful than say wordpress, blogger or typepad, stick around and watch your email like a hawk. Or click the juicy button below to get all of the details:

This Is My Beastly Backlink Source

Imma show you some pretty neat things over the next few days that you prolly never thought were possible until now.

Go out and start using this, and when you start seeing results with my method do me a favor and leave me some comment love below.

I appreciate you,

– Jacob DeBoer
“Liberator of the Underdog in All of Us”

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