The BEST Youtube Strategy I’ve Ever Discovered…

Hi there!

First off, thank you for being a part of my life – what I do wouldn’t be possible without your desire to succeed and finally get results with whatever it is that’s been placed on your heart to do while you’re here on planet earth.

Below is my exact strategy after proper keyword research for ranking my youtube videos fast on google (which is what counts) and it’s yours as a “thank you” for reaching out to me for help and actually taking massive action today unlike so many others who, bless their hearts, think they’re being productive be always “learning” and never doing.

In case you missed the golden nuggets of goodness that I dropped in the video above, here are some sweet bullet points regarding what I do, and a couple pics so hopefully you can catch my drift. I’ll also be posting video updates below this post after 24 hours into this thing, 48 hours and 72 hours into this LIVE case study to document and show you in REAL-TIME that this strategy can in fact work for anybody that decides to take action and apply it and will dramatically transform your marketing from this point forward.

Remember that if, at anytime you have questions please leave a comment below and I will try to get back to you ASAP.

(I’m a busy guy ya know) :)

Let’s dive in.

#1 – I customize my RAW video file data

…BEFORE I ever upload it to youtube.

It’s takes an extra minute but really helps google’s bots to see that my content is legit and I actually care about what I’m uploading.

On a PC you can do this by right clicking on the video file and clicking on properties>details.

best youtube ranking strategy fast


I always rate my videos a five (obviously lol), put the keyword in the title area and subtitle or link to my blog as the subtitle.

I also put the meta tags I’m going to use in the tags area, and the description I am going to use for my video on youtube in the comments area.


#2 – I’ve got a pattern that I follow

Now that my video is jazzed up and classy, I upload my it to youtube and follow these guidelines:

– Only target one keyword per video

– Put the keyword in the first 25 characters of the title and 3-4 times (1-2% keyword density) in the description

– Minimum of 100 – 350 words in the description

– Five to ten longtail meta tags

– Link of the actual youtube video at the bottom of the description


#3 – Social backlinks

Next, I’m gonna share it to my social networks using the keyword as the text, and link back to the video or my blogpost.

how to rank on google fast


#4 One hefty backlink will do :)

…(and this is key) I use my authority blog to pump a hefty backlink to the video and whammo – it’s off to the races!

youtube seo strategy backlink

You’re going to hear a lot of nonsense out there about getting a BAJILLION views and heaps of backlinks, but I’ve noticed that, at least in this day and age, google doesn’t really care that much about it anymore.

Their big thing is relevance and authority.

It’s one of the reason’s I stick with the blog I have and don’t jump around.

If you want more info and the juicy details of WHY a blogging platform like the one I chose to use is much more powerful than say wordpress, blogger or typepad, stick around and watch your email like a hawk. Or click the juicy button below to get all of the details:

This Is My Beastly Backlink Source

Imma show you some pretty neat things over the next few days that you prolly never thought were possible until now.

Go out and start using this, and when you start seeing results with my method do me a favor and leave me some comment love below.

I appreciate you,

– Jacob DeBoer
“Liberator of the Underdog in All of Us”



(12-5) Video update #1 – Just one day in, and the results are awesome:

I’ve gotta admit, I wasn’t quite expecting this when I logged into my youtube account today. This is absolute real-time proof that what you just learned absolutely works, all you’ve gotta do is start today and watch the results begin to pour in like they did in this video update:

I’m super pumped for tomorrow’s video update – I have a feeling (if it keeps climbing like it has been) we may be in for a real treat. Make sure you check back tomorrow.

(12-6) Video update #2 – A little over 48 hours and still cookin’:

This is super cool, just over 48 hours into this thing and we’ve more than doubled yesterday’s results:

Imagine how valuable you instantly become when you can begin to apply what I taught you in the video above and can start getting great results in your life and business too. What would happen if the local small business owners in your area were to suddenly find out that you could, at the figurative “snap” of your fingers begin to direct 50+ laser targeted potential clients every single day to their small businesses? Think you’d have a pretty “secure” secondary income source? Hmm… what are some other ways you could leverage this information with minimal extra “work” on your part?

Recent Case Studies

Wanna See Undeniable PROOF It’s Still Working? Check it out:

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Case Study: How I Ranked #1 Within 48 Hours And Have STAYED There Since

About the author: Full-time family man, outta-tha-box entrepreneur and proverbial life of the party, Jacob DeBoer continues to contagiously inject unbridled hope, unshakeable wisdom, and unstoppable wealth into the lives of thousands across the globe...will you be next?

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19 thoughts on “The BEST Youtube Strategy I’ve Ever Discovered…

  1. Hey Jacob, just want to say what a real pleasure it was to find your video, tips and suggestions on ranking faster. I just got into video marketing for offline businesses and was searching Google for video ranking tips. Didn’t realize that there was so much hype and B.S on this subject, but you stand heads above the others with your no non-sense, no B.S approach to ranking videos. I look forward to learning from you and applying your training
    Keep up the great work.


  2. Hi Jacob – great tips. My video showed up on Google almost immediately! I did need to use Handbrake to convert it to a MP4 video format because I recorded it on my iPhone. I am looking to promote my transformational healing retreats, The L.I.V.E. Method Transformational Retreats. I look forward to learning more about your work!

  3. Dicky said:

    Hi there Jacob..I’m from Indonesia..your tips surely ranked my videos.But I want to know what’s your raw video format you use to upload?Is it MP4 or what?Because sometimes I can’t edit my raw video properties?And what’s the best video format for uploading?Can’t wait to hear your reply

    • jacob said:

      Hi Dicky – glad to hear you’re getting awesome results using this! Great question my friend, sometimes it does that to me too. The only formats I ever upload are MP4 or AVI files… stick with that if you can. :) Does that help?

  4. Ben Franklin said:

    hi Jacob
    Thanks for the tips. I came across your youtube vid, followed your instructions except that I put the backlink on my wordpress blog I already have..

    I just saw my vid ranked on the fist page on youtube for my keyword and google >videos. Im impressed how simple it was.
    but it doesn’t appear on google web search.
    is it because it’s WP, not the blog you recommended?

    I saw the videos on first page for the keyword don’t necessarily have many views.
    so I guess being seen on the first page doesn’t mean getting views/traffic..

    wondering if you offer a tutorial about how to get views?..


    • jacob said:

      Hey Ben! Thanks for the awesome feedback – crazy how simple this is to actually begin seeing results eh? In order to point you in the right direction (and to accurately answer your question) shoot me an email with your longtail keyword. I’ll look into it and get back to you with a speedy reply, talk soon!

    • jacob said:

      Hi Kathy! Yes, this is the link you want. After you purchase the blogging platform let me know – I just released a really great training video that will help you get up, running and profitable fast. PS – I checked out Masonworks, it looks awesome! How long have you been online?

  5. Pedro Ramos said:

    Hi Jacob! Thanks by your help! I’m from Portugal and i’m starting now my first channel on youtube , your blog was really helpful and i appreciate !
    Can you help me just with one thing ? i didn’t understand this part “– Only target one keyword per video” you mean that you put just one tag in your videos?


    • jacob said:

      Hey Pedro! Thanks for the shout out :) What I mean by target only one keyword is don’t try to rank for (as an example) “cheap dog biscuits”, “best pet trainer” and “where to buy pet biscuits” all in the same video. Make the video very specific and focus on only ONE long tail keyword with it. It will naturally rank for related topics provided it is a good video. Does that make sense?

      • So , you mean that i must put just one long tail keyword like (lamborghini aventador) and not ” lamborghini , aventador , car , exotic etc etc.. ” ?

        thanks by the way ! 😀

        • jacob said:

          Yeah dude! You got it. In fact, while you’re at it, I’ve had some of the fastest results when I use 4 or sometimes even more words. For example “lamborghini aventador roadster 2015 for sale”. What rocks is that this is also a (BUYER keyword) which is ultimately WAY better in terms of conversions. Does this help?? :)

  6. Hi Jacob
    This is awesome I just like the way you are so real and you make everything so simple and easy to follow. You take the time to teach and share everything as it is. Man I am in South Africa and I am new to online marketing. I am trying to change my life because it really falling apart right now. Its a painful thing to be in my position right now but you are giving me some serious hope.

    I love my family and I want to take them out of the situation we are in right now. So I will learn and do everything you teach me to be able to change my life. I you were close I would practically come and live in you back yard and drink in all that can and put it to practice until things change.

    • jacob said:

      Your comment means the world to me Anele, thanks for making my day brighter! Please let me know how (specifically) I can help you so that you can take your family out of the situation that you’re currently in – looking forward to helping you further! :)

  7. Hi Jacob,just checked out your site and want to say what an Inspiration
    you are. Great Tips and Strategies here my friend. Keep em comin.

    • jacob said:

      Hiya Shawn! Thanks for the wonderful feedback my friend. Could you tell me a little more about what you’re looking to do here online and with your blog? Thanks brother, looking forward to your reply :)

  8. helpless said:

    Can you help? Or am I just a person making you rich believing another lie

    • jacob said:

      Hey dude, I’m here to help… but you’ve got to be ready for it. Success doesn’t accidentally “happen” to us, we’ve got to want it BAD, and make a decision to do whatever it takes no matter WHAT. I used to struggle BIG TIME with this kinda thing… I do the right things and then all of a sudden – I’d self sabotage my progress or worse: sit on my hands and do nothing. This is a good place to start: check it out and hit me back when you do. -J

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